Canadian Country Recording Artist

Kory Wlos

FORT SASKATCHEWAN – Shell Theatre – Nov 23rd

Hey Fort Saskatchewan people, I’m performing at the Shell Theatre on Nov 23rd.
Come on out and listen and dance along to songs I wrote, and songs I love to sing.
Looking forward to this night!

Opened Up for George Canyon

Opening up for George Canyon was a blast! We played some music, got to meet George and meet a bunch of new friends and fans!
Thanks to all of you that came and bought CD’s and hopefully you enjoyed your Valentine’s Day evening with George and I.


BVJ – It was a Blast!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hey Ya’ll

Had a killer time at BVJ kickoff party, great to meet new fans and new country music artists! The audience at my performance was crazy fun and we had a blast performing for them! Next gig is in Fort McMurray hope to see everyone in Fort Mac out! Cheers KW


I got asked to perform at BVJ Molson Canadian Saloon on Kickoff night!!! So excited for this! It has been 5 years since I’ve played there and I’m looking forward to seeing all my friends and Wlosoraptor’s out in full force!!! Can’t wait!!!

Performing at Athabasca River Rats Festival

Can’t wait to come back to Athabasca to perform at the River Rats Festival. Athabasca is like my second home, where I played for the Athabasca Winter Hawks and won a Provincial Championship!!! Scored 4 goals and took home the MVP of the Final Game!!! Love Athabasca!!!!!